Overwhelmed, but shining

It happened. I wasn’t even aware of it. And then it was over and I realised what had happened.

The details are inconsequential.

What is important is the other side.

Last week had elements of death, friendship, pressure, busyness, children, documents, unnecessary drama, necessary procedures, debt, cars, clients, question marks, blessings, grace, smiles, heartsmiles, parents, more questions, internal pressure, shock, sadness, gratitude, and more … Our lives are filled with little moments of everythings and every emotions ever day – in thought, word or deed. And sometimes it overwhelms us.

The reason for my overwhelmed feeling – the consequences of decisions made last week. And not having the time to stop and think it through and place it in perspective. Feeling pressure (an unnecessary one) because I was running with a whole bunch of things.

So what?

We have to take time to think, rest and be intentional in our reflection. We cannot just run with it all the time. We get tired. Our bodies, our minds … need to rest and reflect and maintain perspective. We have to live. Not survive. LIVE!!!

Each of us need to know what we have to do for that. I have to sit down, think, write, focus, pray, place in perspective. And if I need to do something, do it. Action it. NOW.

What do you need to do keep you in tact? To remind you that there is a light inside you that the world needs? And that only you have that light? It’s as unique as your fingerprint.

You are loved. You are lovely. SHINE!

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