44 to 44 @ 4

Day 1, 14 May 2020.

I was born around 4pm on Sunday, 27 June 1976 in the non-white maternity ward at Paarl Hospital in Paarl, Cape Winelands, Western Cape, South Africa.
Afternoon tea winter (South Africa) baby.

In 44 days I am turning 44.
What has been my lessons, blessings and challenges? What does the future hold? Hmm …
I don’t particularly like parties for myself. I, however, decided a few years ago that on my 44th birthday I will celebrate gratitude, connection and love with my heart people.

And then … in this the year 2020 of my 44th birthday we find ourselves amidst a global pandemic.

The lockdown. (Level 4 at the moment)
Complexities, questions, opinions.
Entitlement, ignorance, choice.
Responsibility, accountability, gratitude.
All lives matter.

Lockdowns and social distancing around the globe had me checking in and being checked in on by friends and family across the globe. Connection. I was being thought of and I am thinking of you, whether we make contact daily, weekly, whatever the frequency … telepathically? 😉

This is me. Connecting. With you.

Til tomorrow.

M out.


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