Day 4: 44 to 44 @ 4

Winter is coming. Transitions.

I was driving down a quiet Victoria Street this morning and autumn was evident in the leaves of every tree.

Winter is coming … a line that now has iconic status because of the Game of Thrones (GoT) series … but winter is coming and with that a whole number of concerns for Covid-19 and its implications.

We can only do what we can do. Stay home. Sanitize. Wear a cloth mask when you go outside. Go outside only when you must.

Lists of rules and regulations and new things we have to get used to. Sterilizing things, sanitizing other things … it started with not touching our faces and washing our hands, now we have to wipe even our groceries that we buy … and many more …

Change. Transitions. To some overwhelming. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. Be gracious in your thoughts and actions. Start with yourself. I can only control me.

Watching those majestic trees while driving down Victoria Street today had me think of all the changes becoming part of our day to day living, things that never before crossed our minds to do. Time doesn’t stop. Nature goes it’s course. Seasons come and go. Leaves lose colour and fall off trees. Trees will be bare and rain will fall, it will be cold and the wind will blow. Spring will come, new buds will bloom, trees will blossom – a different fresh green. And the virus will still be here … for a while. A possible vaccine towards the end of 2021? We will have to get used to living under conditions where we restrain ourselves from a number of things, especially from direct human contact, even when extreme social distancing is a thing from the past.

I miss hugs. Hugs from friends, godchildren, friends’ children, family … especially those hugs where you feel safe and connected. Hugs where hearts connect because we care for each other. Hugs after dancing to say thank you for the dance. Hugs to keep each other warm.

I miss seeing friends when I’m in the area. I miss friends whose doors are always open for a visit. I miss the stupid jokes and the quirkiness and reminiscing and the laughs. The serious conversations that flows into stupidity. No video call type something takes its place.

I miss touch contact. I just wanna hug somebody. But for now … here’s a virtual hug from me to you.

Much love.

M out.

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