Day 13: 44 to 44 at 4:44

See with your eyes

The sweetest cutest funniest thing happened yesterday.

I’m helping with the homeschooling of my eldest godchild – I have 6 godchildren (2 J’s, 1 K, 1 C, 1 B and an E). Ages ranging from almost 1 to almost 10. Blessed and grateful for the love and trust.

So … busy with Mathematics and nr 1 of the exercise is completed, but he did some extra calculations which is asked in nr 2 (q2 refers to the calculation in q1). I figured I’ll save him the trouble so I instruct him to write down number 2 and next to it write: See question 1 a) and b). As I continute to have a conversation with his Mom I turn back to check and he had written the letter C. I stop him and say ‘See‘ (pointing to my eyes), upon which his Mom says: ‘See with your eyes‘. We continue talking for a minute or two.

I turn back to check and what do I see?
Next to nr 2 he wrote: ‘See with your eyes.’ in beautiful cursive.

Now friends … nothing, but nothing could stop his Mom and I from bursting out in laughter. And before we get judged, this boy (too tall to be called little) has a sense of humour. He asked: ‘WHAAAT?’ in the sweetest voice with an angelic smile knowing that something funny was up. I explained to him what I meant for him to write – and no, I didn’t do it properly the first time – clearly.
His response: ‘Ah, that makes sense.’ and he smiles. Gracious and sweet.
All of us ended up laughing and there was a hug or two before we continued. (Don’t worry we’re sanitized and in a controlled environment)

I still laughed a few more times afterwards and told the story to a friend or two – laughing again of course. And as I think about it now, I smile.

The moment was precious and delightful. I wasn’t laughing at him, we’d had a really good session for the whole morning before that and spirits were up! We’d had a few laughs.

But why delightful? I was with a precious friend who trusted me with her children and laughed with me in this situation. A place where we both feel safe and her children as well. Where they know they’re safe and cared for. It’s a treasure.

What do I see when I look around? Do I see? And when I look, how do I see? What filters am I wearing when I look? What filters are you looking through? If we both look through filters, what are we eventually seeing apart from different angles and shades and colours? How long does it take for filters to align if we really have to have filters? Are we even able to see without filters?

I don’t have children. Spending time with them while they want to spend time with you is something I thoroughly enjoy – sometimes to the detriment of the ‘grown-ups’. I just think we should enjoy the joy while there is unbridled joy! Things change quickly when hormones set in … hehe. This has been specifically influenced especially by a quote by Toni Morrison that I heard when she was on an Oprah Winfrey show years ago.

Do our eyes light up when we see a child? Any child? Do we see their beauty, their fun, their joy, the endless possibilities? Do we encourage them, connect with them, speak to them, strengthen them? Do we teach them enough about respect and honour and boundaries?

The lists and questions are endless.

I love the children in my life. Each and everyone of them. I love what I see when I hear when they talk to me and ask me questions. I love how they grow up into these amazing, beautiful human beings. Even in the midst of trouble. In the midst of a pandemic. In the midst of extraordinary times.


Let our eyes light up when we see all children.

See them with your eyes.

Love them. Encourage them. Protect them.

Look. See.

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