Day 28: 44 to 44 at 4:44

Raindrops keep falling (on my head)

The 28th day!

I woke up this morning with some raining and storming and someone close by snoring!
That was the thought when I woke up. I had to giggle.

Lying in the dark, enjoying the sounds, especially of the rain I felt warm, cozy and comforted. So much happened this week in my life, in the country and in the world. Each has an impact on some level. Loading, it’s starting to feel kinda heavy. Cogs spinning in my head accelerating.

Is a global pandemic not enough? Do people have to complicate things more with … prejudice, racism, opting out, opting in, too many words, too little words, truth, lies, … life goes on, hey! Every minute and every hour. More people are getting infected and people are slowly starting to realise why social distancing, why sanitizing, why not touching faces, why why why …



I’m tired. I’m blessed. I’m grateful. I feel a little lost. I’m loved. I’m blessed. I love.

The rain continues to fall. Soothing. Helps the thinking process. Keeping contact with some people are easier than keeping contact with others. Prayers flow easier today than other days it feels.

My advice for this day.
Don’t overthink anything.

Use the rainy respite.
Enjoy the music of nature.
Life goes on amidst all the drama.
Sometimes we need to stand still and just be.
Time doesn’t stand still.
It’s okay if we do. For a little while.
If people decide to leave, let them.
If people show appreciation, thank them.
Love the people you love.
Love the people who love you intentionally.
Know your heart’s people.
Know your heart’s song.
Be gracious to yourself.
Don’t lose focus.

I hope the rain falls in catchment areas. I hope that people stay dry and safe. I hope.

It’s one of my friends’ birthdays today. She is precious to me. We’ve been friends for long. We’ve been through a lot together. #PBJ #mypeople #loveyoulongtime

I ‘attended’ a Zoom milestone birthday party this past Saturday. 66 people attended. It was a glorious occasion. I had red wine. Everyone had what they had. I learnt so much. I am honoured. Still somewhat flabbergasted. #RF #HBD

It’s such a lovely feeling to know that someone loves, values and appreciates you no matter what you have gone through together, disappointments and all that happened in your relationship.
I grow.

Forgiveness is a state of heart.
Compassion too.
I’m grateful and honoured.

For the rest of this day … rest.

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