The 4:44 PM: 4 HeartSmileS

Oops! This was supposed to be my Thursday 4:44pm … now it’s my Monday 4:44pm 😉

Heartsmile 1
Music has been a part of my life forever. Both my parents have musical talent. They both play piano and in their life time they’ve both conducted choirs wherever they went. I, the eldest of three, do the choir vibe – singing, coaching, conducting. I step away from it but somehow get back into it. I studied music – didn’t complete the degree, but got what I wanted from it. Sometimes I regret the incomplete, but then … what would my path look like? I loved what I’ve lived thus far. Around the very early 2000’s I discovered the Buena Vista Social Club when I heard Chan Chan – I don’t know where or how, I only know that from the moment I heard it I was inside the music, swaying from side to side, dancing, humming along with a broad smile on my face – no idea what they were singing about. I just loved it. Immediately. So this morning I saw this video (click on link) on Facebook of Chan Chan and I was grinning automatically, swaying automatically and missing social dancing. Sigh …

Heartsmile 2
A quick check in visit … the aunt asked why my head is so round (my fro is tucked in a bun). I burst out laughing. She prefers the fro … apparently. That’s our heart language – teasing. I missed the old girl. My hair will remain in a bun … for now.

Heartsmile 3
An unexpected pleasure. On my birthday I was video called by a friend, who never calls. Only texts. Personal conversation makes a difference. It made me happy. It was lovely to see the person. And that’s for every expected and unexpected video call from my heart people. The little things we miss. Nuances. Face wrinkles. I miss looking at the faces of the people I love whom I cannot see during this time – how their faces wrinkle and fold and laugh and sigh when we’re in conversation. Video calls are great, seeing you face to face is greater(er).

Heartsmile 4
Hugs. I miss them almost the most. Lockdown has us going through ups and downs and round and rounds … life goes on. We go through stuff and we come out on the other side. Mostly without the hugs that hold us together. Make sure to spend some time in the sun and have the sun touch your face, your skin … Hugs from the right people hold me together, I’ve learnt. The last one I had was not nearly long enough, tight enough or intense enough – all my doing. But I’m grateful for it. I still smile thinking of it though.

Find what makes your heart smile in such a time as this.

It’s not easy.
It’s worth it.
Be intentional about it.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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