The 4:44 PM: Everything’s gonna be okay

17 Years ago today a voicemail was left on my phone to let me know that you died in a road accident with 8 fellow musicians, including your brother. I listened to the voicemail message on the tile floor of my then employer.

This was followed by long conversations with friends who knew you and calling people to let them know. Many hearts were broken, still is. Many people miss you still.

I had no tears until the funeral.
God giveth and God taketh away.
Your mentees stepped into some of the spaces you left open.

Your words remain in my ear til today: “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

You were a good friend, a very good friend to me at a very specific time.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to have known you. For the lessons, the concerts and the blessings.

The greatest lesson I learnt from you is that your words are important. You and I know why. It’s been a recurring theme in my life.

Speak life.
Your words create your life.
Your words matter.

I’m not sad anymore. There’s just a tinge of longing. Like I’m connected to you always. A string from here to there always – invisible. Not always aware of it, but it’s there. To you and many friends and family members who were close to me and are now gone. Oupa, Ouma, … a few others. Gone, but also not really.

Legacies are powerful.
Connections are powerful.
Standing on shoulders of you and others, privileged and grateful.

The fragrance you left behind lingers …

Image by neo tam from Pixabay

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