2020: 86

07 October

Last night I watched 2 documentaries. One by David Attenborough about his life and doing what he does and another exploring what became Adolf Hitler’s family. Both short. Both interesting and insightful. It lead to more thinking around the story of the other side. A discussion I had with a friend over the past week.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The perpetrator’s story? The story of the perpetrator’s family? Hmm …

How willing am I to listen to and hear the side of the person who did something to hurt me or people close to me? Knowing or unknowing.
I’ll let this sit with me for a while.

Just wondering.

The lockdown has had many people take sides. Change sides. Flip sides. Define sides.

And then I watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It made me think more about the sides I choose and what I base my choices on. What feeds into my decision-making?

Image by JenDigitalArt from Pixabay

Good / Bad?
Deciding what you like and feeding you just that.

It doesn’t only happen through social media. We do it too. Telling people what we think they should / need to know.

Still dwelling in my thoughts.

Random thought: I need a hug. Been needing one since last week. A big bear hug.

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