2020: 85

08 October

Just after 1 this morning I was chatting to a friend who tell me that she has just opened her gifts she bought for herself. Yes, she didn’t forget. And I, her stellar friend, didn’t even know we were in Thursday the 8th already. Hehehe!
Today was her birthday. Low key, great friend! We went to school together. The last three years of high school. I don’t know when we really became friends though. It happened years after school. She knows most of my things coz just. Her space is the place where I rant and rave and listen and ask questions and where I am sometimes challenged to grow.


I’ve also spent this week reorganising my space. Letting loads of things go. Giving things away. It was time to make my load lighter and give away things of better use to others. Quite a freeing action, giving things away. No expectations. Just giving it away and at the same time letting it go. The process … rearranging, reorganising head and heart at the same time. I’m still busy; almost done.


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