2020: 81

12 October


I unsubscribed from a whole load of emails today. Why did it take me so long? Guilty? Eish. For what? The things I want to think about to improve the quality of my thoughts and life and thought-life. Especially now.

It’s been quite an interesting few weeks regarding decluttering. It started with stopping comments and posts on social media. Still not doing it. Blogging is my only social media platform at the moment and it shares automatically to other platforms. It felt great! Guilty at first, but … nah. No guilt. Less screen time, less thinking about what to comment time, more real thinking time and creating the space around me and in my head that I prefer to have.

Second decluttering was rearranging my living space. Giving away clothes and shoes and blankets and towels and things. I will have to go through my things in storage too. Another day. Loads to give away though. Quite the journey.

And then today. Unsubscribing from all kinds of daily and weekly emails.

I become lighter with each thing I sort, stop, delete, give away, … I feel closer to my thoughts, words and heart.

Also had some conversations around forgiveness tonight. Whew! It was challenging, through-provoking, inspiring … The process continues.

Currently also deciding on undoing some habits and building some new ones that I’ve been wanting to get to because it would move me into the direction I want to grow. I made that commitment today to track my habits – it feels slightly overwhelming to me. Yhooo! But it lies in front of me in the form of a book. And yes, an accountability partner!!! Someone to be accountable to. People. There are things that require changing and they will be changed coz I wants them to change.

And with that … I say … Good night, sleep well.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Image by Denis Bogdan from Pixabay

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