2020: 80

13 October

There’s a squirrel in the roof. In my room. It’s quite busy. Running around the ceiling. Especially around 3am.

It seems I attract rodents … over the past three years there’s been mice too … the gaps have been closed. No more. Don’t judge. There’s a research facility across the road from us and huge fields of grass where little creatures live in their natural habitat. Occasionally they find their way across the road to one of the house on this side … Still, another rodent. Squirrel.

A little audacious one too. My Dad’s not very impressed with this one … because … how do we get it out? I hope it decides to leave on its own. I don’t particularly want the other option.

I wonder what the squirrel does at 3am in the morning when it gets so busy?

The squirrel reminds me of another problem I am experiencing. I can see it, but don’t know how to / what to do about it. Tired of thinking. Something’s gotta be done though.

Following on yesterday’s thoughts … more decluttering happened today. In my emails, in my thoughts and in my heart too. I said goodbye to a number of little things. Less baggage. More space to breathe.

I played with some beads and wax rope and made some book markers while watching 4 lectures on the Old Testament. It was fascinating. The lectures. I learnt. It helped me get more context around the Bible – Old Testament specifically and the culture of the time. The discussion that followed continued to build on the content of 1 of the lectures. It was thought-provoking, edifying and also entertaining. We’ve been discussing things weekly for about 4 months. Edifying.

The squirrel doesn’t know that it shouldn’t be there.
The squirrel doesn’t know that it sometimes wakes me up.
The only thing the squirrel knows is that it has a safe haven.

Image by eluxirphoto from Pixabay

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