2020: 79

14 October

In 2017 I was part of team who spearheaded the first Walk for Freedom in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. The Walk For Freedom is an awareness campaign against human trafficking / modern day slavery, started by the international non-profit organisation, A21 (Abolitionists of the 21 Century). The walk is approximately 5 km long, done in single file and in silence to show that victims who fall prey have no voice, nobody to reach out to and must just do what is expected of them. We have a few places in South Africa hosting the walk annually supported by our local A21 South Africa office in Cape Town.

We were a group of friends and acquaintances inspired by a friend’s journey. More of us became friends. Some of us continued on this journey.

This year there’s no Walk for Freedom anywhere in the world due to the pandemic. In it’s place the Global Freedom Summit is happening online on Saturday, 17 October 2020. Sign up!

I’ve had many conversations around human trafficking since I started volunteering.
I still have to do a presentation to start that side of my volunteering and my interest lies more in educating people around this social justice issue.
Have you thought about this?
Do you know it happens as close to our own neighbourhoods?
Do you know what it entails?
Sex trafficking, forced labour, child soldiers, involuntary domestic servitude, bonded labour … men, women, children … everybody … anybody!

Thank you to all the people and organisations who commit their lives to this cause of saving people from these inhumane conditions.

I am safe, healthy and grateful.

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

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