2020: 72

21 October

Wax day.
Help day.
Fix day.
Coffee day.
Check in day.
Interesting day.

Not sure if it’s got to do with the moon or the stars or the heat or the wind or Paarl Rock or … something was different today. Quite interesting.

My car is my safe space (at the moment). The place where I think, speak, live freely. The road, any road, the open road. In need of a road trip through … well … the Karoo? Northern Cape? Limpopo? Mpumalanga? Semi-desert somewhere I can see the stars in the sky and the road calls my name and people … Lowveld? Bushveld? Just somewhere. Would be nice. Driving. On my own. Maybe someday …

Breathe. Deeply.

Moving is traumatic. Homes. Towns. Provinces. Countries. Loads of excitement. And then the settling in. Getting used to the new. Be gracious. Very gracious to yourself, friend. I love the excitement of a new move. A new place. To make it my own. And then … it kinda hits. New things to learn, to get used to … it’s exciting and can be overwhelming. Learning new happiness, seeing new sadnesses. Nooks and crannies. A new country is overwhelming.
Maybe I should consider it.
What holds me back?
Post-Covid 19.
Not my vibe.
I am a South African.
I am an African.

There are things I need to finish.
There are things I need to start.
A weight’s been lifted.

Deep breath.

Image by Kathleen Port from Pixabay

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