2020: 71

22 October

Today I decided that it’s time to talk about what I have been thinking and feeling. Talked to a few of my heart people. Mrs J, Ms P and Ms MoFo. It was good. They knows me.

A few things I realised today:
I want to do a road trip to and through Namibia. Via Augrabies.
A Transsiberian train journey jumped on to my travel list.
And it’s time to get into the dating game again!
Ooo …

Checked in with two second cousins this week. I think it’s time to start planning the visit to eSwatini. And also a visit to Cabo Verde. Once Covid 19 is under control. Enough time to plan.

I miss salsa and belly dancing. Some shines and shimmies feel like it’s calling my name (very softly lol!). I need a louder call. Ha ha ha!

All that has life and breath praise ye the Lord … I remember singing this in Paris and Berlin and … yeah. I don’t miss that. I just miss the singing.

But I miss salsa most of all.
I’m super unfit.
Gots to call a friend.

YM, KK, SKH, STO, DU, MME and evens LLAP. And those are just a few. KK stands out like unfinished business …

I wanna dance with somebody!

Also, my dinner was good.
The food and the company.
It’s time.

Image by 1871454 from Pixabay

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