2020: 70

23 October

I forgot Mo’s birthday. Sorry, friendo! I miss our coffees at Vida. Our moaning sessions!!! Lol! Knees and backs and … everything!

Apart from that … today, is Friday. End of school term in South Africa. What a year … last term still ahead. Matrics to write. So many lovely young people in my life getting ready for their final school exam. They were amazing. Champions to get through a pandemic of a year.

I had some open road vibes today. It was a lovely drive. An easy drive. An interesting drive. The music was good … John Legend, Omara Portuondo, Cape Verde music, Laurika Rauch, Buena Vista Social Club … weird playlist. I missed the music.

It’s Friday. Deep breaths. Relax …

Tomorrow … some sea time.

View from Table Mountain

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