2020: 69

24 October

Friendship today started with cake and cappuccino’s for breakfast. Hummingbird cake … yum. It was delicious!

Check in conversation, sustainable coffee mugs with the logo: stay rooted. Significant. The coffee was good. Cake was delish. Company was friendship = great! Idea sharing, product discussions, new possibilities. The inimitable Ms P. I thank you.

The rest of the day was spent with family. It’s been a while. I don’t have sisters; it’s always lovely to see my Mom with her sisters. Inherent understanding, automatic everything. Sister nr 5 and only brother will be joining them n Monday. 6 siblings together for a day or two. Love. Blessed to have all 6 alive and well. Ages 74-58. I’m grateful for the privilege.

Meeting with my heart friends are always a treat. No expectations but to show up. Just be. Talk, check in, enjoy the moment. A safe place where trust enfolds us and honest conversation is had about struggles and loves, annoyances and growth, care and frustration and hearts are vulnerable. How can I help and support you?

I don’t have biological sisters. I have a few chosen ones. Framily. Heart people.

Tomorrow … a new adventure awaits.

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