2020: 68

25 October

Investment. Return on investment (roi). Thoughts on it. How do we invest in our relationships? And what is the expected return on investment when you make an intentional choice to invest? And what if the return is not what you thought / calculated / hoped it would be? Hmmm … Disappointment maybe?

My heart is light and heavy. Something has been weighing me down. It’s not anymore. What and who I’ve lost over the past few months lies on the sadness. Resilience fuels the lightness. I was told it’s time to talk … to stop being quiet. An instruction was added … have I listened?

Sometimes the place you’re used to, is not the place where you belong. Where is it you belong, …? – from the movie ‘Queen of Katwe

2020 has taught many lessons, left many scars, opened up wounds, knocked old and buried ideas wide open. This past week has had thoughts and ideas blossom. New ones and old ones. It’s also had LOADS of laughs. Hearty ones. It’s been a while. The shadow is gone. What was the shadow anyway? Still trying to figure that out. Pressure? From where and why?

There’s a different kind of pressure presenting itself at the moment … breathe in deeply, breathe out slowly … relax … think …

Life is beautiful. The open road is calling. Home is where I rest.

#tobymac #speaklife

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