2020: 67

26 October

It’s a boy’s birthday today. He is 14. He’s been going through a really tough time at stages in his life because of decisions made by his Dad. His Mom is my friend. His Dad … well, he’s chosen a path that has broken hearts and will still break hearts. But this boy is beautiful, talented and amazing. He is resilient and even though he is some days the end of his Mother he still is her pride and joy (with his little sis). He remains the boy he should be at this age. With respect and love and such joy when he sees people. Even on his off days he is a fountain of energy and lame jokes. And he loves music. A very specific love for the music of David Kramer and Taliep Pietersen. I got him to meet David Kramer once; the levels of excitement was subdued because he was awestruck!

I am grateful once again for the place and space I am allowed in his life and his sister’s. I am grateful for friendship with their Mom. Grateful for the unconditional love and acceptance for 40 years already.

Today I felt grey … because sinus. I also wore grey. Skirt, t-shirt and later also my sweater. Grey. It’s such a beautiful colour. On it’s own a little bland but add a slash of something else … lovely. Grey. Grey pyjamas too. Lol!

Love lives here. In all my greyness. Amped for prayer after Alpha tonight.

Tomorrow, I discuss books. Looking forward to it with the MF! What’s next?

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