2020: 56

06 November

Today I thought about making people habits in life. As in … making time for someone daily as part of your routine. Checking in with them. Having short or long conversations with them.

When you decide to make such an investment, what does it say about you? About the person? Clearly a decision has been made that the person is important to you. That you possibly love them? They definitely have a level of importance in your life. Hopefully it is a good habit.

I make people part of my life very easily when I want to. If I feel connected to the person. Sometimes maybe to easily. Especially when it seems to be reciprocal. So when this changes … how do I break the habit?
Make it difficult.
Make it unattractive.
Make it dissatisfying.
Sometimes this happens naturally …

It’s weekend. I baked pancakes, flapjacks and brownies tonight.
For people I love.
I hope they enjoy it.

I bake for people to enjoy it! I rarely eat the sweetness myself. Maybe a bite, followed by bitter black coffee. Hehehe!

Tomorrow is one of my godchildren’s birthday. She’s a lovely, talented and beautiful child. Eloquent, intelligent and confident. I look forward to seeing her and her parents and hopefully her grandma’s. Still need to get the present, but the brownies are done!
Her birthday also means that I haven’t seen the Doc in person for 7 years. A presence that I miss once in a while. For a coffee and a nonsense chat. A safe space where I can just be me, where I can laugh and cry and just talk and listen and enjoy the ambience. A place where I can get an understanding, all-encompassing hug filled with friendship.

It’s weekend!
Enjoy every moment!
Love lives here.

Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay

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