2020: 55

07 November

Weekend: Saturday

This day included an event I would not have imagined to be part of my life.
Starting a new church – church planting. Preparing the venue for church tomorrow was … expectant and also calm. Watching people being part of such a commitment. Resources that’s been sponsored, gifted, blessings …

It was also such a heart warming joy to see the birthday girl on her 7th birthday. She’s grown so much. It was her crown birthday. Parents’ pride and joy! Love lives there. Observing a family grow and level up and blossom is such a privilege.

Something feels missing. I know what it is and I also do not. I’m enjoying the irony of knowing what I know and knowing that there’s so much that I don’t know. The mystery of life that keeps me going, inspiring, looking forward to the next day. Even if the day seems to have nothing happening, something(s) always happens. Be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically.

It makes me think of my self-awareness … do I know what is happening in my ‘bubble’?
Do I know when I am going / thinking in the ‘right’ direction? Do I know what’s good for my body and what not? And if I know, do I do what I am supposed to to keep my body healthy?
What makes me smile? Do I know where to go / what to do to get that smile back when I’ve lost it for a bit? And I don’t necessarily mean a smile on your face … I’m talking bout the more important one … the heart smile. When I can just look at something or someone and my heart overflows with joy. And it feels like it grows an inch or two in diameter (similar to when the Grinch accepts Christmas in the movie ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’).

Breathe. Love. Smile.

I miss it. Let me go find it again. I know where …

Love lives here.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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