2020: 53

09 November
Monday Fun Day!

When it’s Monday and I want to do something fun but I don’t feel like fun at all … lol
At this particular moment fun for me = sleep.
How am I that person?
When did this happen to me?

What is fun for you? I’m sitting here and thinking what does fun mean to me? Dancing is fun (for me). Being able to go to a salsa party and dance as many possible dances as I can in 3 – 4 hours. I miss those days. I prefer the outside dance parties like Sun-kissed Salsa at Sea Point Pavilion on Sunday afternoons. I could dance while seeing the mountain, the sea and some of my favourite dance people and dance with them!

The Covid19 pandemic has taught me many lessons. It has also placed the spotlight on the absolutely necessary things I want in my life to have the life I want to live. Dance always. Music forever. Friends for life. Family absolutely. Work that makes a difference, no question … environments where my contribution makes a short and long term difference towards growth, where I am also challenged to grow and love it! This is also fun!

I’ve been listening to loads of classical piano solo music over the past few weeks. Why did I ever stop playing? Hmmm … I remember. It’s time to let those people go and move on while I still can. The piano playing has so infiltrated my everything that I am typing full stops at the end of sentences as if I’m completing a musical phrase on the piano … hand lift and everything! (right corner sly smile)

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my fun. Then I remind myself. Looking for it and writing about it, sharing it … makes my heart smile.

This season has been and still is quite an enchantingly difficult one. Look for fun. Search for it intentionally. You will find. I just need a split second of a reminder to get my smile on my face. It’s a loveliness. Do you know what your fun is? Innocent, loving and joyous fun?

When I dance I have a permanent smile on my face.
My heart breathes and smiles and runneth over with joy.
It’s a beautiful thing.

Take care of your fun.your joy
Take care of your joy.
It’s essential to you.

Love lives here.
In your bubble.
For you.

Image by André Santana from Pixabay

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