2020: 47

15 November

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

47 is a prime number. Just saying. Just because. The number thing is stuck in my head. I have no idea why. I liked Maths at school. The patterns mostly. But then I had a teacher when I switched from an Afrikaans to an English school, in Standard 8 / Grade 10, who didn’t pay much attention or offer to help a little extra. Killed the flavour. Maths became something that just needed to be done. My love for patterns remained. Everywhere and in everything … even behavioural. (and to think this all started with a prime number … hehehe!)

Much of the past week’s discussions with my nephew and niece was about getting a dog. Which dog? What does the space allow? Who will be walking / training the dog? Colour of the dog? Rescue dog? My nephew decided on a French Bull Dog. An interesting decision. And the levels of excitement is rising for dog excitement. I don’t think they are completely aware what having an animal entails … it’s going to be exciting … especially since my brother, their Dad, is not the biggest animal fan … He has never had a four-legged animal of his own … I’m watching the space … I expect that the acquisition of said animal will be taking a while to happen.

The conversations made me think about my relationship to and with animals. I’m not much of a cat person, however … wherever I go the cats end up gathering around me … especially the ones that don’t really come to the visitors … hmmm … as long as they know I am THE cat. I play on my terms. I like my own space / bubble. I play when I feel like it. Sounds cat-ish, doesn’t it? HAHAHA! The Main Cat I am. Lol!

I love dogs though … well, medium to big, please. The tiny ones … eish. And here too … I play on my terms, when I want to. The personality shines through, neh? Love dogs though. Always wanted one, but haven’t lived in a space that or with people who was dog friendly in that way. I had a dog when I was around 4 / 5 years old; it was run over by ‘n minibus taxi in front of our house. Didn’t get another one. Wollie. A white curly haired terrier type dog. Lovely, fiesty and playful. Looking forward to the next dog(s)!

A dog. My piano. Sunflowers. My car. The road. My furniture. A heart.
Love lives there.

For now … love lives here.

Have an exceptional week!

Image by athree23 from Pixabay

AWE … miss you always. Such a privilege to have had you as a part of my life. Grateful.
Happy birthday in heaven, friendo!
And yes, everything’s gonna be okay.

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