2020: 43

19 November

43 = A prime number.

Today, a funeral. Suicide. A young man.
His friends came as one. Each of them told a story / stories about him at the gathering after the service. It was such a beautiful, heartwarming experience. I remembered his lovely, warm, playful spirit like he was there. Sadness was overflowing into the joy of all the memories. Hearts broken. Memories alive. Left behind.

Today, a request. No. No guilt.
My peace is important. It’s a peace that I walked through fire for. I was burnt and burnt out. It became evident that the time to be just a little selfish with my time and my resources is here and is now. Detachment. Peace. Do what you can and want to. Know your capacity. Know your resources. You are important. You are worthy. You are necessary.

Today, a friend. Long time. Happiness.
Engagements. Conversations about the sanctity of birth, life and death. Boundaries. Kids growing up. Water. Coke. Coffee. Yoghurt and blueberries. Joy. Love. Job applications. Job interviews. Wedding planning. Zoom weddings. Covenant witnesses.

And I lost my phenomenal flask.

What a day!

Love lives there. Life is beautiful. Love lives here.
Birth. Life. Death.

Photo by @karismatiek

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