2020: 40

22 November

20 + 20 = 40
8 x 5 = 40 = 10 x 4

I saw this quote on the right on someone’s WhatsApp status today and I thought about it a little while. Burning bridges. Hmmm … Must it burn? How do I set it alight? What type of bridge is it? Was it solid to begin with? Why did I build it?

Multitudes of questions.

I do feel like I agree with the sometimes even though I try not to burn the bridge. I’d rather just block entry. But I have burnt bridges before. Intentionally and unintentionally. The intentional ones I stand by. Even though sometimes people still try to rebuild / fix the bridge. I have on the odd occasion also tried, just to burn it down again myself. There was a reason for the ashes. Let it remain. If we have to find a way to each other again, let it happen another way.

Today, a year ago, I drive from Kuilsriver to George to Port Elizabeth to East London. 2 hours of sleep. A few passenger changes. Tired is not evens enough of a description I felt. I was the only driver. It fun, but I don’t think I will voluntarily do that trip again. What was I thinking?
The wedding though … absolutely worth it!
Their first anniversary loading

Sunday. It was a good day. We had church. It was so good! And it feels like home. As it should. My tribe. My vibe. Love lives there. Good conversations, great people, lovely connections. Let’s continue to build! Today also included low calorie passion fruit cool drink, a lava lamp, an angry home owner, a continuously itching left hand, The Mandalorian, mountains of dishes, polenta, braai, spinach with coconut milk and many more to be thankful for. If we look for the good things, we will find the good things. If we look for things to be grateful, they will fill our day until our cup runs over.

The past week has been tough. But God. A grateful heart is what I am working on. The lessons I’m learning about human expectations humbles me. We think we know. We don’t. We have breath. Life. Love.

I look forward to creating a space for me.
A peaceful, relaxed space.
A corner in the world where I can say: “It is mine. Love lives here. Life is beautiful.”

Tomorrow is the start of a new work week.
Be blessed and be a blessing.
Carpe Diem!

But first … sleep …

Image by Faby Green from Pixabay

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