2020: 37

25 November

Prime number again. Interesting. Never thought about prime numbers intentionally until now.

What fragrance am I leaving behind?
Weird question, right?
But I’m not referring to perfume or sweat or … rather the spiritual. So, again …. what fragrance do I leave behind? When I leave a company or a room, what am I leaving behind? What have I contributed to the atmosphere of the conversation / situation? Did I build it up or break it down? Did I encourage or criticise?
Do we think about what we leave behind in our trail through life? How we impact the people we meet, our colleagues, our friends, siblings, family, tribe, vibe, …? How intentional are we to leave something or someone better once we’ve left? Are we intentional about it? Are we even aware?

Just wondering …

Image by silviarita from Pixabay

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