2020: 34

28 November

34 = 17 x 2 … I just realised that I do not know the 17x table.

I had to sing at a party today. I sang at a funeral last week. I haven’t really sung any solo’s for a long time. I haven’t practised any vocal exercises in years. I haven’t been taking care of my singing voice not my voice in general. The pollen has my allergies flaring, the southeaster (as much as I love it) doesn’t help much. My vocal chords are out of practice and phlegm caused by post-nasal drip makes it worse.

So to sing with an okay voice I had to warm up for 90 minutes today. 90 minutes. I was kinda disgusted with myself. Eish …

I have a friend who I contact without a fault whenever I need to sing something at an event. She’s like a walking encyclopaedia of music of almost all genres. Seriously. She will come up with suggestions within minutes. And not A suggestion. MANY suggestions. Options. And she most probably has the sheet music too if needed. I know I ask a lot of her. I hope she knows I appreciate her ability and I have great admiration for her knowledge.
There’s of course another friend I also ask. He delivers good suggestions. My admiration for him lies more in the field of accompaniment though … the ability to just look at music and play it. Whoa! Levels!

What am I going to do about these our of practice vocal chords though? Oi … something’s gotta be done!

I suppose …
like the piano exercises …
I’ll have to start with the basics and repetition.

Image by Dieter_G from Pixabay

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