2020: 33

29 November

11 x 3 = 33
I used to love the 11x table up until 11 x 11 … then I’m done. Lol!

My best friend from primary school up until mid high school has her birthday today. I wished her. It’s quite interesting how we were friends and how we grew apart. Nothing happened. Life. Different universities. And from there on different jobs, lifestyles, etc … We can still have a cup of coffee and a good chat. Something I appreciate.

It’s been weekend. A busy one. Somehow I always hope for a restful weekend, but it doesn’t manifest. Especially not in this pandemic. Because in the busyness we keep thinking of safety, infection, clean hands, don’t touch your face, mask on … the weekend has definitely brought one thing under the spotlight over and over … KEEP YOUR MASK ON!

The CLAAHB scarf
Photo by @karismatiek

Too many people are nonchalant about this pandemic. Too many people are walking around with the idea that ‘It’s okay. We’re all gonna get it anyway.’ It’s NOT okay. Not being prudent about what they should be doing, considering the state of burn out our health professionals are in. Have you checked in on any of them lately?

What are my plans for the week? The thoughts I’m thinking now. What surprises is held by the coming week? What interesting new things? Who am I going to meet? What challenges will be presenting itself? How am I prepared to handle it? How many crucial conversations is lying ahead in the next 7 days and why? I know I have at least 4 appointments already set up and I am not prepared for the first two … prepping will be happening tonight and tomorrow morning. And Tuesday and Wednesday. Next week also has a definite 4 already. One definitely needs to be scheduled.

I just remembered an interesting phone call I received today; amusing conversation. A conversation I still will be having. A smile on my face …

Should Sunday evenings be the time I plan my week?
Or should I do this on Friday afternoon and then just enjoy the weekend and rest on Sunday evening?
I wonder …

What does the photo have to do with the content of the blog? Nothing. I just liked the photo. The scarf was gifted to me in a moment of ‘I don’t have anymore space in my bags and I need to get rid of this!’ – she didn’t recognise it when I sent her the pic though … and it’s only 2 months later. LOL!

This week we are entering December … keDezemba!!! I’ve been exploring new Christmas music and have found quite a few to add on to my usual list. Refreshing … however Boney M will always be … you know! Looking forward to start the preparations for Christmas. I’m starting with Christmas music on 01 December 2020. Different music every day and deciding which song (versions of songs) are my favourites – to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and to create an atmosphere of gratitude for blessings, opportunities and challenges. And then of course also just the keDezemba vibe!

Have a super week!
Be blessed!
Be a blessing!

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