2020: 31

01 December

Prime. Again. Many.

Today is Kra’s birthday and Noms’s. Two formidable women. Grateful.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

December has me adding another skill … knitting. Yes. Don’t think about it too hard. I’m announcing it today because I am starting tomorrow. Accountability. I’m knitting summer things. For me and for … well, let’s see that mine first passes the test! Lol! I’m looking up things like drop stitch and seafoam stitch … it gives breathability to the garment. Kinda looking forward to it! Something to keep my hands busy in the holidays.

And while I’ll be knitting , I will be reflecting on 2020. As challenged by a friend. The December challenge. Hmmm … where do I even start?

But first … let me start loading stitches … garter stitch … stockinette stitch … let’s do this!


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