2020: 28

04 December

14 x 2 = 28 = 4 x 7

It’s Friday.
What a week!!!
All I can say is … the Southeaster means business. Phew … this wind! Yhooo! And how?

Today is Ms K’s birthday. A friend of note. An unexpected friendship. Quite lovely. A stalwart friend. She is who she is everywhere.

Nothing much to say today … I think the wind just swept all thought away!

Maybe the wind brought the fun and madness back a little … it’s needed, I miss it … I think that could just be the necessary festive spirit! Years ago I was at a job where I decided that we start festive on 01 December. Every day we had to do something … some days it was a bottle of champagne consumed after work, some days it was sharing favourite Christmas carols and others days someone was cooking or baking something nice for work. And the last work day (usually 24 December) at 12 noon we would have a glass of champagne / sparkling wine with the big boss. I quite enjoyed the happinesses in that.

Hmmm … time to create new festive and fun things! Why? We have much to be grateful for. And yes, this year has been an annus horribilis for most people across the globe. We missed many lighthearted moments. Can we choose to have a little bit of fun to remind us that it is necessary? Balance. There is still beauty, good and happinesses int he world. We have to look for it, find it and live it.

Where do I start? Gratitude … just thinking about it … the southeaster brought havoc in some places, intense sinus for me … but it also brings a little playfulness and reminders that we cannot control everything and that in there are things we can enjoy!

I’m grateful today. So much has good happened today that absolutely was unforeseen. I can only say thank You.

It’s weekend!
Have fun!
Live, love and laugh out loud!!!

wind from behind … eish!

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