2020: 26

06 December

13 x 2 = 26

Chocolate brownies

A little baking never hurt nobody … today was pancakes and chocolate brownies. Pancakes are kinda finished … brownies cooling off at the moment. Will probably be consumed over the next few days. I bake these for fun. And for my people. Coz they love it! My little niece asked me to bake lots and lots of brownies for her birthday. It’s one of her favouritest things. I don’t think I’ve every seen anybody eating cake so joyfully as she does. Quiet, focussed, intense … and with such delight! I enjoy watching her eat the brownies and cakes … when she’s allowed. Sugar, you know. 🙂


I don’t even like sweet things that much. I eat one brownie … one thin slice of cake … a small bowl of pudding … done. It’s more for the enjoyment of others. I prefer food, glorious food. But today … some sweet things felt appropriate.

A friend, who bakes as a side hustle posted a Minnie Mouse cake and cupcakes she baked for a client. It reminded me of the giant Minnie Mouse cupcake I had to bake in 2015 for a little 3 year old girly because all my baker friends were busy. Now … I know that baking is an art and I was nervous personified but I had to do it. The result is the below picture … That was also the day I decided that I will continue now more than ever to pay people to bake cakes. No stingyness. I gladly will rather pay a professional or pro-am baker to bake that cake! It’s HARD WORK!!! The baking, cooling off, decisions on how to plate and method of decorating. Setting time. Cuttings and rollings and folding and dimensions and and and … yhooooooo!!! Levels. Not doing that again. I have huge respect for bakers!!! HUGE!!! Please note that. RESPECT! As in R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!! (I hope you can hear the song in your head) I even had another friend help me with the ears …

Anyway, the baking and cooking are therapeutic for me and it’s a space and place where I sprinkle love wherever it goes. I bake when I want to. I bake when the vibe is lekke. The food is also sommer lekke!

I am … bad at plating though. A friend asked me other day if she needs to pray for my plating … hehehe! Well, if she wants to. For me, the stuff must just taste good! That’s all I need. Tasty food, good wine and great company!

To life!

THE Giant Minnie Mouse birthday cupcake!

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