2020: 24

08 December

12 x 2 = 24 = 4 x 6 = 24 = 8 x 3
The number 24 sits well with me for some reason. Hmmm …

Today I think a little about copping out instead of looking at my own words / actions critically to understand what I contributed to the creation of a situation. This was inspired by a message that was shared with me by a trusted confidant … I saw myself in that message at some point in time. My immediate mind reaction was to have a conversation with this person to point out what they have done / said that’s wrong.


And then tonight. In a conversation about humility and discernment I was reminded that a conversation is necessary but not the kind of conversation I wanted to have that was filled with critique and finger pointing … instead … it was more about guiding a conversation towards finding understanding and focussing on truth. Talking about the actual feelings and speaking about the very subtle accusation. Unpacking something hard actually.

Again, tapped on my shoulder, proverbially. Hard, difficult, challenging, honest conversations to be approached with discernment and humility and speaking peace.

Speaking peace. For me this means saying things that will not leave a path of destruction, instead will have you leaving the conversation feeling at peace with what you spoke. What is the essence of what you need to speak? What words will convey what you absolutely have to say and / or ask? What tone would inspire peace? Of course temperatures and emotions are elevated during difficult conversation; how else will we know that this is something we feel passionate about? A physical response is necessary to remind us that what we speak is important. It has longevity. Permanence. Words make or break. What is my intention? Building or breaking? Encouraging? Supporting? Growing? Developing?

Know your intention. Know your goal. Know your peace.

Your words are important.

Integrity. Honour. Respect.


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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