2020: 23

09 December

Prime. Again. The number 23.

Today was such a quiet day … we watched movies, knitting continued and the green bean stew I made last night was enjoyed. Nothing much.

In my head … a quiet space.
It gives time and space for new thoughts and ideas … hmmm …

I’ve been thinking about how to be successful in an interview. I’ve been to a few this year. Not as successful as I thought. Well, one job was killed by lockdown. Eh … 2020 has taught me grace, patience and acceptance when it comes to applying for positions, being and not being invited to interviews, interviews and having to continue applications. There’s been prayer, tears, attempts to appease, encouragements, motivations, … the question remains … what can I do better?

Please know that I have not and will not give up. I am thinking about the process and processing of it all. And also, what can I do better? What am I not getting (right)?

Let me now continue thinking, applying, thriving, living, loving and nurture my growing Christmas spirit! Oh … and knitting! 😉

I want to work. Not the work I’ve been doing. The work I’ve been missing.
The place where I thrive, live, laugh, learn, develop, network, meet people, listen, serve and just enjoy!

To life!

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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