2020: 22

10 December

11 x 2 = 22
Nice ring to it …

How did we get to the last 22 days fo the year? Yhooo! Second wave accumulating strength in South Africa … Health care professionals and essential services personnel are TIRED! So … my people … mask up! social distance! keep washing those hands!

And then there is my semi-recently discovered donut … Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Nutella filled … yhooo … all the feels! When I want it … I don’t always want it. But when I do …

Today is one of those days where I don’t have much to say. I talked a lot already and now I’m wondering if I said the right things. I feel at peace about it … how would it be interpreted though? And how would that affect the future? My future?

Do you know The Waiting Room? The place / space / time you find yourself in while you wait for an answer / result / happening? How long? For some things I’ve been waiting for decades, for others minutes or days or weeks and for others … well, you get the picture. What was the thing you waited the longest for? Or are you still waiting? And what do you do while you wait? I mean, life goes on while you wait so you can’t stand still and wait? You have to breathe, eat, think, … work, laugh, love … live! What is the quality of your life when you are waiting for the answer to a big decision?


Carpe Diem!
Seize the day!

Active waiting … how do we blossom while we wait? Especially if it is an answer that could be life changing or a result that would end the heart-wrenching emotions. How do you and I seize the day? Do you have little things you do? Books you read? Movies you watch? Songs you sing? What inspires you? Motivates you? Makes you laugh from the depths of your throat? What makes you cry when it is necessary to let it all out? What helps you to feel joy? Makes you breathe? Feel alive? Makes you feel?

Think about it. It’s worth knowing. Love yourself enough.

Image by meisjedevos from Pixabay

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