2020: 20

11 December

10 x 2 = 20 = 4 x 5

Today is the 20th last day of the year 2020. FYI.

The day has been a quiet one.

Covid 19 infections has been increasing; increasingly I hear reports of people close to me being exposed, in self-isolation and infected. A cause for concern. Especially because it’s becoming closer and closer to home … parents. All I think is we have to remain prudent. Do what I need to do.

I started playing Christmas music today … Boney M, Pentatonix. Tomorrow more. We were practicing the 12 Days of Christmas today. I tend to forget days 6 to 12 between January and November. I have to practice them every year in December! Fun! My nephew keeps asking what’s up with the five golden rings!

Ah … and loadshedding has returned. 3 hours today. I used it to continue my knitting. I need to get done. The little girl wants her poncho. And the little boy has given his order for a sleeveless jacket with a zip (knitted of course). Who would’ve thought I’d be knitting? I wonder what my primary school needlework teacher would say about my recent hobby? Hmmm … 🙂

My thoughts are all over the place though … what is going to happen in 2021? Will I have a source of income? When will choirs be starting … yes, prudence … no pressure … just wondering. And dancing? Definitely not going dancing any time soon. This all means I have to work on the regularity of my fitness (regime – non-existent at the moment). Change. Not a new year’s resolution – a lifestyle change. Paradigm shift. Many paradigm shifts … uncomfortable, comforting, challenging … good.

Let me get this party started!

Ps … no end of year parties for me. Thank you for understanding. Love you.

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