2020: 19

13 December


12 Days to Christmas

Most conversations with my nephew over the past few days is because I told him and his sister that they will be getting lucky packet gifts this year with 3 mystery things in it … I get asked on a daily, maybe hourly rate “What is my gift?!?” (with a level of frustration and mischief). He told me that Santa Claus must work for Jesus. His logic is kinda convincing.

The wonder of the season as a holiday, family and celebratory season has been dampened because of 2020 and what it brought to the world. Especially currently. Wave 2. Presidential announcement tomorrow evening again? What will Pres. R have to say?

Somehow we have to retain the wonder as far as possible. It is hard for many. Loads of people are praying for work, some kind of income, a miracle … a possibility to see family … just to be with loved ones. So many labourers still looking for work until about Christmas Day to make some money to just live. I see it in their eyes. The desperate demeanour. How can I help? Can I help?

Sometimes, just sometimes I wish that Santa was real and his bag was and unending fountain of what is needed to give joy overflowing to every single person. Whether it is in the form of gifts or … something wrapped in each persons favourite wrapping that when opened will just unlock the fountain of love and joy in yourself for yourself and then overflowing …. a golden string that will run from Christmas to Christmas on which one can rely in times when the challenges in our lives threaten to let the darkness cloud us.

A pipe dream?
There is such a string.
There is such a fountain.
Inside me and you.
Find it.

Image by Monika Grafik from Pixabay

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