2020: 16

16 December

4 x 4 = 16 = 2 x 8

16 December is the 16th last day of the year, every year!!! Very interesting. For me. 🙂

The Parentals are married for 46 years today! I heard a few amusing wedding day stories today! Why did they wait 46 years to tell a person? Ai. Happiness and blessings to them!!!

Made me wonder whether I will get married still? And if I do, what would it be like? Small. Sacred. Holy. Early. Quick. Simple. Magnificent. And then I bought myself a lollipop. Don’t even ask why! Hahaha!

2020 has taught me to hold things loosely. Like wanting my own children – something I really wanted, it was a burning passion inside which I never really spoke about. As years go by with obgyn visits it really started eating me inside … until this year … THEE 2020! I’ve learnt to grieve for these types of dreams and hold similar types of dreams loosely. Marriage has become one of those loosely held dreams; it feels better and more peaceful. It still is gut-wrenching at times as parts of me I’ve wanted to share has gone … peace comes thereafter. I breathe easier. It feels lighter.

I would still love to love someone and be loved by him. Choose and be chosen. Live, love and laugh through stuff and STUFF. Be the best of friends through it all.

I told me parents they should record their life stories so I can write a book about it … title is decided already! I wonder if they would; they have pretty good stories! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Here love lives, special in their own way. Idiosyncrasies they have. Drive me crazy they do.

Grateful. Loved. Blessed.

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