2020: 14

18 December

7 x 2 = 14

Today was a hard day. A good friend of my Dad’s died from Covid 19. Yes, it was unexpected. He hadn’t seen him in a while apart from the lockdown.

We have to show appreciation to the important people in our lives. Love our friends and tell them that we love them, appreciate them, miss them, value them, that they add to our lives, that our lives would be less of what it is without them. Pandemic lessons. Tell him / her / them … Say it.

I baked brownies and chocolate cakes today to drop off at aunts, uncles, neighbours for Christmas. Drop and go. My people crave conversation of others and they want to know about their families and friends that they haven’t seen.

Connection connection connection.

Biscuits and brownies in brown paper bags and red rafia. A Christmas thought to say Merry Christmas, we love you, we’re thinking of you, we see you, we are still connected. Masked, sanitized, and of of the required, necessary plus extra!

The baking was a labour of love. It made me nostalgic … thinking of when we all used to bake and I got to taste everybody’s biscuits … different aunts and types. Good old days. I wish I could do it with and for … well, yeah. It was lovely to be able to do that.

We live. We love. We bring joy.
It’s Christmas.

Image by Terri Cnudde from Pixabay

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