2020: 13

19 December


Another death. Close. The neighbour. 2 weeks after his test. Broken hearts. Shocked people. Sadness.

The parentals and I came back home today. More friends in isolation. Two close deaths this week. An aunt waiting for her test results. And still there are all these people walking without masks or half-masked, people denying the existence of this virus saying it’s fake news, … How? I don’t know.

I saw my elephants today. They don’t belong to me. They belong to Garden Route Game Lodge outside Albertinia in the Garden Route. These majestic animals can be seen from the N2 if you look carefully. The honestly fill my heart with joy … just to see them on the hills there. A treat every time I pass through the area. I have no idea why they fill me with so much loveliness and joy. I look forward to seeing them and therefore always try to drive past there in broad daylight. I feel like I can breathe freely when I see them. They are such graceful, intelligent, wise creatures. Extra joy because it was so close to Christmas. Somehow breathing some Christmas spirit into my heart. Somehow I feel more earthed when I see them and I want to touch them to connect with them in some way. Maybe I’m looking for some wisdom … a tangible wisdom? It feels so much more important to see them and to connect with them even from afar during this time. Something that remains constant. They are there. Doing what they always do. They haven’t changed.

Representing God? Always there, always the same, He doesn’t change.

My elephants. I wish I could see them every day. Just watch them.

Love lives here. Nature is amazing and beautiful.

Earthed. Consistent. Love.

Image by razkoko3 from Pixabay

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