2020: 12

20 December

6 x 2 = 12 = 4 x 3

Bro’s birthday today!!! The denialist! Apparently he has accepted his age this year. 38.

I have two brothers. They are so different and so brothers. I love and appreciate them both for who they are, what they do and have done and I love watching them grow. I am fortunate, favoured and blessed to have stable and good relationships with my siblings. I would like for it to be better. One day at a time. It involves all of us and growth and conversation and … well, yeah. Many things.

I was squirted with many water guns today. It was such fun!

Intuitive this one is. Sensitive. Orderly. Responsible. Consultative. Caring. Respectful. A little anxious. Loving. Loved. Contemplative. Dry. Welcoming. Hearty. A good friend. Loves people. Loves birthdays.

Fun was had today. A good day. Amidst the sadness. Celebrations laced with a tinge of sadness – this is what all celebrations feel like these days.

The day was hot. A little extra. I missed some people. I miss some people. I miss a person.

Love was evident. Love lives there. Love is here.

We have so much love surrounding us.

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother.
x 2

Mario, Luigi, Yoschi
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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