2020: 11

21 December


It was the birthday of our little princess today. Children are such light and life and all the good things and love and happinesses and … just everything. She asked for brownies for her birthday … lots and lots of brownies. I think she probably ate one? All she wants to do is play! We shot each other with water guns today. Wet wet wet! I think she loved being able to shoot grown up with water! Very respectfully though. Fun.

Love lives there. Love lives here. Love. Hugs.
The things we miss …


Christmas is coming closer. More and more people are self-isolating. One of my aunts tested positive for Covid 19 … our neighbour passed away … closer and closer. A new variant too. A self-imposed locked down Christmas.

My heart has been heavy-ish the past few days. I see heartache and sadness because of deaths and the underlying anxiety. I miss very specific people. I need a hug … one of those melt away in someone’s arms kinda hugs that make you feel safe and happy and warm and fuzzy and loved at the same time. Anyways … not today.

Children are gifts from heaven.
I hope your eyes sparkle when the children in your life enter the room.
Let them know that they are rooted in your heart.
Let them know that they bring joy.
Let them know that they are loved.
Talk to them.
Play with them.
Spend time with them.

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