2020: 6

26 December

3 x 2 = 6

Boxing day. Family day. Lazy day.
Until a family emergency. Still in process but not an emergency anymore but it has to be monitored. To be continued. For now the situation is kinda contained.

I am tired. The paramedics were great. So helpful, polite, informative, accommodating and all the other super things that health professionals aka superheroes are these days.

If I feel this tired after only one, how tired are they? No hospitals have beds to take the patient, waiting list at the emergency room is 6 – 7 hours long.

6 sleeps til 2021. A year I’m looking forward to, a year that I also view with apprehension. Will the changes that my heart is calling for happen in 2021? Covid 19 will still be around. Will I get the job and / start the business? Connect with the person who I feel called to? Be intrigued by someone? Improve the quality of life for my family, friends and others in general? Get the things going that I feel called to do? What will change? What will die? What will blossom? What will live?

Is it the week for reflection? The only thing I wanted to do tonight was come home and be held. Find rest my soul. The thoughts that happen in my mind while driving towards a situation that possibly requires medical attention, the thoughts that happen while / after / in the midst of and the thereafter thoughts. Our brains are amazing. It keeps many things going at the same time and keep repeating the same messages to me of what it wants and needs especially if I haven’t gotten it.

Our bodies are miraculous. Its workings. Wow-worthy.

I hope you got to rest after yesterday.
I hope you got to spend time with family today.
I hope you feel loved.

Image by succo from Pixabay

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