2020: 4

28 December

Today. It was a day. A beautiful day.

So last night the medical emergency had me up and about between 11pm and 2am this morning. Uncle was admitted to hospital. His Covid19 test came pack positive. Let round 2 of self-isolation begin. And then the President puts us back into lockdown level 3, no alcohol, masks compulsory over mouth and nose (mentioned – good!)

Friendship today was a thing of importance. Before hearing I have to isolate I spent time with a friend and another one. Return on investment it reminds me of. What you sow you will reap. I have great friends. Like supergreat!!! Supersupergreat! They know me, they support me and they love me (and all my drama an melodrama) … it’s reciprocal. Instead of asking why, it’s more like a “shakin’ my head” kinda vibe. And when I need them, they be there. All the way. I am grateful, blessed and favoured with the friends I have. They’re few and priceless. Can’t imagine life without them.

I don’t think I express my thanks enough. They’re my superheroes. The time of year for gratitude.
Love lives there. Love lives here. Be blessed and be a blessing.
Friends for life!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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