2020: 1

31 December.
New Year’s Eve.
The last day of 2020.
The last day of this edition of my blog.
100 days.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This would be the day that a 2 year old request is adhered to. And this would be the day I change my room to create cozy little corner for me in this world where I can sleep, think, reflect, read and rest.

Quarantine day 4. Still some way to go and still hoping that I remain healthy and uninfected. I live in hope and with a prayer.

This has been one year that I would not want to repeat. For many reasons. Love, illness, death, unemployment, disappointment, disappointing people, trust, breaking trust, intention, lack of intention, heartbreak, loss of life, just loss, grieving, … and yet there’s so much to be grateful for … love, life, growth, development, new friends, new avenues, knowledge, development, friendship, recovery, health, help, being able to help, dancing, interviews, opportunity, conversation, surprises, joy, music, … the list is endless.

New Year’s Eve … it’s a sad day for many, especially this year. It still remains a day of gratitude for life. We are here. We have each other. Let’s care more, love more, be present.

Thank you for reading what I share. I hope in some way it has a positive impact. Thank you for walking with me in my journey.

May 2021 be filled with peace, health, prosperity, joy, and love.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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