February 2021: Lessons

Rest … after all the January drama lessons blessings. A little trip. A breath. A deep one. Conversations. Many of them. Confessions. Many. A child. Children. Blessings. Wonder. Decisions.

Rest. Needed. Taken. Awakenings. Realisations. Lies. Honesty.

I needed to think. We’re doing Rising Strong by Brené Brown at our book club. The conversations and realisations that has come forth has been startling good edifying.

There’s been lies treachery fog. February was the time for thought truth clarity. But did I?

The biggest realisation of February was that I have allowed myself being okay with being an option … and also why and how that happened … when did it happen. Again, forgiveness. Forgiveness for the who’s, the how’s and myself. I became an option for someone in 2021 … it stops. Here. Now. A conversation to come. I’m looking forward to it. But first, wait.

The book has me digging deep into thoughts and spaces, places and crevices … the thoughts border on painful, necessary. Growth doesn’t happen easily. Fire. Burn. Bright.

February was mind heart soul busy. Unlike January … which was physically busy – act now, think later.
Later was February …
and now.

An intentional choice.
Me because me.
All of me.

Choice. Yellow Door. Intentionality.
Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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