January 2021 … Probation

I took a little writing sabbatical, 2 months short.
Life took a wild, interesting, challenging turn.
I decided that January 2021 is either the last month of 2020 or the probation month for 2021.

January started out in quarantine. Covid 19 exposure. An uncle in hospital. An uncle discharged. Looking for carers. Cleaning house. Health. Health. Health. Conflict. Challenges. Growth. Choices. Bad choices. Good choices. Apologies. Regrets. Thought provoking encounters. New information on old situations. New views. Decisions. PEACE.

We get older. Have I collected wisdom on my way? Am I using the wisdom I have collected? January felt like I needed to be more responsible and accountable.


It felt like I fell into January because of things that happened in the last week of December.
Face first.
In mud.
Didn’t realise it at first … but later … what did I get myself into?
But, it was necessary. Lessons needed to be learnt. Family is precious gems. Precious. PEACE.

Image by klickblick from Pixabay

Realisations. Intentions. Choices.

I chose to help. I intended only good. I realised that some people have no idea that gratitude is a daily choice, a lifestyle, intentional. It brings PEACE.

January came and went. I used a lot of words. Good ones and not so good ones. I had to be silent thereafter. In February. Quiet. Retrospect. Contemplative.

Forgiveness. Hope. Breathe.

So much death in December 2020 and in January 2021. So much heartache. I lost friends to this pandemic. How can one still be ungrateful for health, help, love, support? If you don’t understand something, ask. Don’t pretend that you are all-knowing. Learn. Ask. Listen. When you experience a problem / challenge … speak the truth so we can know what you mean and how we can help (if we can help).

Intensity. Touch. Thoughts.

January 2021 is in the past. It’s over. February was calling …

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