45/2021/2: Breathe …

This week’s been special.
I was gifted a few days in a space … alone. Thank you, Mom and Dad.
I took walks.
I met up with people I haven’t seen in a long time.
And I spent time with me.
I received good news.
I had time to breathe.

Sea Point beach in black and white. 11 May 2021

I looked around me.
I listened to sounds.
I listened to me.
I thought.
I wrote a little bit.
I talked a little bit.
I made decisions.

Sea Point Swimming Pools. 11 May 2021

I miss dancing.
I miss you.
I enjoy the freedom.
I enjoy the alone time.
It would be nice to hear from you.
Why do I miss you?
The connections were good.

The sea is such amazing therapy.
Listen to the sounds.
Breathe deeply.
Look at the waves.
Feel the breeze.
Taste the salt.
Experience life.

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