45/2021/4: Unplanned

Today the plan was church. A quick coffee. Home.

Today became church. Conversation with a friend I haven’t seen in a while with some interesting information. Lunch with a friend. A drive with another friend to start a new chapter of life. Home.

Unplanned. Unexpected. Lovely.

The next few weeks will be planned. Some things have to be wrapped up. Some things need to be started. Routines need to be established. Checklists have to be drafted and planning done. Looking forward to some kind of routine again.

Much has changed. Many has left. Many has joined.

The one thing that never fails to disappoint … Look up! What’s happening in the sky? It’s never the same.

There is slight turmoil inside me. Is it excitement? Maybe …

A notice about someone passing also made it’s way through. I remember you. I smiled. You were loved and still are. Fond memories. A sadness lingers as I watch part of the memorial service. I am reminded that we are borrowed to each other and that the times we have together should be cherished. In the moment and in reflection.

Let my intentions be clear. Let my love be true. Let me honour the memory.

Today’s sermon lingers …

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