45/2021/7: Lockdown Day 419 ZA

I think I stopped thinking about the pandemic and especially about the lockdown at some point in time. It has ‘normalised‘. When I see people without masks it feels abnormal / wrong apart from the fact that it is …

Image by J Garget from Pixabay

So today when I saw on someone’s post that it is in fact Lockdown Day number FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETEEN. A slight shock. Wonder. Not sure what to think.

Today somehow felt like a little extra spice on the lockdown. I was cold, slightly annoyed (I know why and I don’t know why). And I just didn’t want to do what I should be doing. I did what I wasn’t supposed to be doing … eat … pancakes. Comfort food.

Somewhere in my soul a stirring is happening today. It happened after I watched a funeral online. Another funeral. Online. A sadness settled somewhere. It’s easily accessible. Too easily.

Another wave appears to be on its way … is there anxiety / fatigue / … ??? Or is this part of (y)our new norm?

The day felt a little somber. But it was also such a beautiful day. And filled with so much love.

When is this ending?
Where will we end up emotionally, psychologically?
Are you okay?

A friend turns 40.
Love surrounds us.
Friendship makes life more beautiful.

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