45/2021/12: AA, the Gem.

Today is the birthday of a friend.
No names. No trimmings. No drama.
He’s been around the block with me a few times. Feels like forever. Ups, downs all arounds. We take walks together and drink wine together and talk together and discuss things together. Rolled our eyes for each other, talked in hashtags for a bit, bounce ideas off each other for a bit, have conversations through heart attacks, gigged together sometimes, rolled our eyes for others, tag team things, wing man/girl vibes, from sickness to health, through sickness to health, in silence and verbal diarrhoea …

He doesn’t like phone calls nor video calls unless appointments are made to have them. I can’t deal. But okay. Preference etc. But then he calls you with … the most horrid face filters … scared and scarred it leaves you! LOL!

We all have friends. And then we have THE friends. The close always there ones. The speak or they don’t speak. But they’re there. Just there. This one is always there … even though I have to go to there most of the time, coz he don’t come to here. There to listen. Support. Encourage. Especially after the traumatic things that he has been through. There. Always. Whether he is here of far. He is there. Just. There. Whether I am annoyed with him or angry or … think it … he is there. I don’t have many of this quality, but I am blessed to have at least a hand full … grateful.

So this one whose birthday it is today who doesn’t like phone calls but likes weird photo filters who doesn’t like to talk much but has decided on a few days week month of honesty … this one … we celebrate him today. His life, his health, his spirit, his talent, his friendship, his commitment, his sacrifice.

My appreciation and love for this boy runs deep. Friendship. I don’t think I really have words to express this vibe. Just gratitude for an always open door. The reminders that I am worthy and appreciated. The honour of being someone that he can rely upon in all the moments. Especially the deep dark ones. And vice versa.

Grateful. Honoured. Loved.
No more. No less.
Happy Birthday to the AMAZING (as the doctor said) A!!!
The GEMini … he says.
Much love and blessings and happinesses and success and prosperity and health and peace and wisdom in the year and life ahead and on your future plans that will come to fruition because it’s time. Now. For you. To bloom.

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