45/2021/13: Dreams

I rarely dream. But when I do …

Do you dream? My Mom dreams a lot. Do you dream? Do you have a recurring dream?

I dreamt last night or maybe this morning that I was standing in a queue at a bank in an old building with high ceilings and wooden counters and beige and brown wooden decor. While standing in the queue the person behind be was standing right up in my space, touching me actually. Please note that my dream happens in the pandemic … so social distancing and space indicated. I lost my shhh … it happened in Afrikaans. In retrospect or even while dreaming I was laughing at myself for losing my cool the way I did.

I wonder why I remembered that dream. Most times when I dream I can’t remember, I am just left with a feeling.

I dreamt I was pregnant twice. It was very real. Both times I was 5 months. You need to understand the level of anxiety that happens when you dream you’re 5 months pregnant and you don’t even know when it could have happened, who it could have happened with, when it happened, how it happened and … because the first one happened when I was still a studenthow am i going to tell my parents!!! That same week a friend of mine told me she was 5 months pregnant. Relief and stress at the same time. She was also studying. Her daughter is beautiful and an amazing young woman.

I dream such dreams too … dreams that leave me wondering, thinking about people and calling friends to check on them. Because when I dream … eish. Interestingly enough they are usually fine … at that moment … but I keep checking in while the feeling is hanging.

Sweet dreams
Image by Ana kano from Pixabay

Sometimes the dreams show other people but they’re about me. These ones a re problematic, I haven’t figured them out yet … coz I’d check on the people in the dream (if they’re part of my life) and continue to check in … and then somehow it becomes my situation. In retrospect … most of the time it’s a laughable situation. When I realise that it’s actually about me in the midst of the ‘dance’, it’s usually a roll my eyes moment.

I dreamt once that I’m getting married. Hmmm … Didn’t really see the face of the groom. Left me wondering for weeks. And then I forgot about it. Still not married. The dress was beautiful. His suit was lovely. He was tall. Really tall. And slim. Head was just out of the picture. I was annoyed when I woke up. Would’ve loved to see who my dreams marry me off to.

While I’m thinking about it now … there are very few of my dreams I can remember. I remember the feelings that came with some dreams though. I’ve had dreams that left me with an ominous feeling … some left me with anxiety, anger, stress, shock … and some with a general feeling of peace, contentment – these usually involved a lovely setting.

I snore … according to my brothers it’s a high pitched, fine, irritating snore. Not like theirs … the ones that sound like drilling machines … drilling holes into solid rock. Lol! Apparently I also talk in my sleep sometimes. Some people who’s shared spaces with me has told me what I’ve said, but most times it’s unrecognisable. Unlike a friend of mine who becomes fluent in German or isiXhosa when sleeping. It’s hilarious to observe! And then of course there are the runners and fighters and … well … the animated sleepers. They provide much entertainment as long as you are not the one sleeping next to them. The kickers and screamers. I remain

My dreams are sometimes abstract. Even me … I don’t understand them.

What to do?
Continue to sleep …

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